I love the poppy approach because it teaches that if you learn to move with ease through the challenges and intensity of your yoga practice (like chair on the wall!) it will help you move through childbirth and parenthood with more ease. This was a gem that really hit home for me…labour isn’t going to be a walk in the park either! Poppy teaches so many great tools to help prepare and support pre & post natal women. I will be taking these tools with me to prepare for and support my own labour and parenting, and I am equally excited to offer these teachings to my yoga students.

Another take home for me is that there are no hard and fast rules for pre & post natal people – what works for one postpartum/pregnant person may not work for another. I really appreciate the way Cat teaches this by staying openminded and offering lots of options for her students. This will be something I strive for in all of my classes.

Thank you Cat!! (And Ellen and Bridget)

Poppy perinatal yoga has helped me realign my spirit within my ever changing pregnant form.  I feel powerful, grounded and compassionate in and towards my body. Before I took the training I was overwhelmed and a bit spun out. I feel more connected to myself, my breath and my growing baby. I’m now confident in my abilities to guide a yoga practice for the pregnant and/or postpartum person because Poppy Yoga is so smartly designed!

I summed up the gratitude I had for the last 10 days I spent in this perinatal yoga teacher training in one word: ⁣TRANSFORMATIVE ⁣
⁣In my practice, in my teaching, in my personal self, and in my network of support. I’m not the same person I was 10 days ago and for that I am so so grateful. ⁣
⁣The insurmountable amount of knowledge, love, laughter, and tears that these ladies shared with me over the last 10 days was nothing short of amazing. The intimate level of time spent together, I feel like I’ve known them for years. ⁣
⁣I learned more about the undeniable power and ability of creation of a woman’s body from the physical and energetic standpoints. ⁣
⁣How to better dismantle the fragility and fear around conception, birth, and postpartum. ⁣
⁣We are so much more capable of extraordinary things than we ourselves, and the world gives us. We are the epitome of strength and softness. So thankful for this group who will share the knowledges gained here with the world. Connections as such give me so much hope.

This training has left me feeling energized, excited, and empowered to help women understand their childbearing bodies and gave me the tools to guide them through that journey. Cat also cultivated the space and trust necessary for me to continue my own personal healing and feel educated about how to move forward and embrace my new post partum body.

This training reinforced my approach to prenatal yoga, in that it clearly examines the way we can learn to meet challenges with more grace and efficiency if we practice meaningful, full breath through intensity on the mat. I have learned SO much regarding safe, healing practice in the postpartum realm, it’s challenging to narrow it down. The sequential layering of lessons, from physical awareness in our daily practice, with the brilliance of Ellen’s lectures on anatomy to the energetic components offered by Bridget was phenomenal. Being given the opportunity to explore these lessons with our peers on the mat has been invaluable, I particularly appreciate the care given to collaborative hands on assists.

I loved how Cat was solid, patient and supportive. She answered all of our questions even if we doubted whether or not the question should be asked.  When we were asked to help create a sequence I had doubts about whether or not a particular pose would work.  She would always say, if you think it may be incorrect, speak loudly and confidently. That allowed me to feel supported and encouraged. Ellen Heed and Bridget Boland were both informative and provided information on Nutrition and Energetics, respectively.  I was nervous when I was partnered up with a very experienced yogini and asked to create and teach a sequence. During my teaching, I felt myself coming from a place of doubt; she had so many more years of experience.  I started asking the experienced  teacher what pose I should do next. She simply responded “I am the student so I don’t know what you should do”.  I took a deep breath and shifted my perspective.  I started teaching from a place of breath, presence and purpose. At the end of the class, when we exchanged feedback, she commented that she felt the shift in energy. She told me that I should trust that I know what needs to be done. That I should do it with breath, presence and purpose. She also told me that if I was unsure, then I should ground down and turn on my breath, make if expansive. This would suffice to help my students feel connected, grounded and supported.  This was my aha moment. I walk away from this training knowing that I am enough, that I have what it takes to be masterful with perinatal students; in fact with all students.

It was tonnes of helpful, specific and detailed information we got. The content and the way it was provided make me feel seen, understood, respected, guided (in many different ways) and supported as a woman. That topic is loaded with fear and drama and I wish every woman on this planet would know other women to support each other in that very special period in my life. Its very much empowering to understand your anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, emotions, how to nourish myself. Ellen Heed and Cat Allen make it be to most natural thing to talk about infertility, props, peeing on myself, childloss, … They both show in a remarkable way that you can heal these things. That knowledge will help me personally to prepare for conception, different stages through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I figured out what to ask for to get the supported I need and I can’t wait to share that wisdom with other women.

I took the 3-day training. It gave me tools to feel confident teaching prenatal and postnatal students. It also gave me tools that helped me understand my own, never-been-pregnant pelvic floor and the surrounding energy centers. The training was profoundly healing for me in that way. I cannot recommend highly enough. And I’m sure the 10-day is exponentially more amazing. Thanks, Cat, for creating this system. It is wonderful.

This training is a game changer. My current postpartum practice and my teaching style is shaped entirely around this training. The core work – so simple and effective (even a new yoga practitioner can do it). I feel competent and unafraid when a pregnant women walks into class. That alone is powerful.

This course is really well structured. The knowledge you gain gives you the confidence & certainty that you will be able to hold space in a very safe, sacred, and special way to any pregnant woman. It also opens the doors to more curiosity around the mechanics of the body and all the changes a pregnant woman go through during not just the 9 months of pregnancy but also beyond that (from a physical and emotional perspective). The manual is one of the best manuals I have ever seen with pictures of all asanas in full colour with detailed instructions and when is best to practice that asana (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimester or postpartum). You will also find articles, up-to-date information on anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Poses and techniques for relieving pain and cultivating strength and openness, sequence examples and lots of useful information…Even though I did my pregnancy teaching training almost 3 years ago, this is a MUST do. This course has become another magical tool to add into my very special life box.

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